Legislators Side With Miss Curvy


During a disciplinary seating in  Parliament On Tuesday the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Oulanyah Jacob offered his support to the Miss Curvy pageant. The Miss Curvy Pageant has been a subject of much debate over the past week since its launch by the State Minister of Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda. A large number of people and activists were unhappy with the idea of using women as objects of tourism. Oulanyah stated that the idea of Miss Curvy is not necessarily wrong and that it allows people to appreciate the uniqueness of the female side.
Deputy Speaker Oulanyah was joined by other legislators in support of the pageant like MP Ssemujju Nganda of Kiira Municipality who stated that the way the Parliament was asking to use Quin Abenakyo to promote tourism, is the same way Hon Kiwanda allowed other people to do the job only difference is they are not skinny.
However not all were in support of Miss Curvy as Pamela Kamugo the chairperson of Uganda Womens Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) voiced her contempt for the pageant. She claimed Hon Kiwanda will not be forgiven unless he gives a public apology to all women of Uganda.