Rebel NRM MPs Challenge Sole Candidacy


After a five day retreat at Chobe Resort in North Western Uganda, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the NRM endorsed H.E Museveni as their sole candidate to represent the NRM party for the 2012 general elections.

The decision, however, did not resonate with all party members as MPs Theodore Ssekikubo, Patrick Nsamba Ochore, John Baptist Nambeshe and Monica Amoding made their thoughts known to the public at a press conference yesterday. Monica Amoding, the Woman MP for Kumi stated that the current situation can not go on much longer whereby dissatisfied members know things are wrong but choose to stay quiet.

The MPs claim that locking out capable people from contesting for the party primaries is a sign of greed for power since it’s not backed by any law goes against all aspirations of the people of Uganda. The rebel MPs are requesting the Central Executive Committee (CEC) to withdraw their resolution of endorsing H.E Museveni as the sole candidate or else seek court intervention.