Doctors Reject Lubowa Hospital


In light of the Parliament’s decision to grant a loan of UgX1.4 Trillion to an Italian investor to construct a highly specialized hospital. It is supposed to provide services such as organ and bone marrow treatment, cancer treatment and fertility treatment, all services which most would have to get abroad.

The decision undoubtedly raised some eyebrows most especially the Uganda Medical Association. NBS’ Vicky Bagaya was with Dr Obuku Iquara, the President of the association and was very vocal about his disappointment in the decision. Dr Obuku stated that the amount is too high and in his opinion did not make sense in spending all that money on a new hospital rather than investing that money the facilities already in operation such as Mulago Hospital. He stated that the President is probably being misled by his advisers as such a decision looked absurd.

When asked why he did not speak out sooner, he stated that he was simply observing as there was quite a bit of confusion surrounding the matter and did not think the proposal would pass. Dr. Obuku then stated his intention to petition the President and Parliament to halt the project and give Mulago Hospital presidency. His additional demands were for the government to establish a committee to plan specialised medical projects as well as invest in training and offer a credit facility for hospitals in case equipment is needed.

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