Youths Form Security Team For Besigye


Reports coming in from Jinja suggest that FDC supporters mainly youth have banded together to form a security team to protect Besigye whenever he visits the region.

There have been recent attacks and attempts on Besigye, some as recent as last week according to the FDC Chairperson in the region where a section of opposition supporters had banded together but ultimately failed due to the overwhelming numbers of FDC supporters. In light of the frequency of the attacks , a section of youth in the region claim he has become a soft target and decided they could not sit and watch anymore and so formed brigades to protect him during his visits to the region.

The individual son focus are however well known in the Busoga sub region as the Hirinya FDC Mamba Boys, which adds to their street credit as battle ready individuals. The surge of attacks are however worrying residents and call on the police to help stabilize the region before things escalate.