Market Vendors Abandon UgX5Billion Market


In Bushenyi district, traders in the district seem to have taken up hawking their goods rather than occupying a state constructed market worth UgX 5Billion.

The market has been operational since 2015 and is supposed to hold a capacity of 60 traders. Currently the market contains approximately 20, disappointing considering the cost it took to set it up. The traders claim that the market receives few customers at a given day which leads to losses on the traders’ side considering they have to pay rent in order to operate in the market. This has led most traders to resort to hawking their goods or flee to neighboring markets in search for customers since there is no use paying for rent yet there is little to no income coming their way.

In addition to few customers, the existing occupants claim that the toilet facilities are too far from the stalls which leads to poor sanitation as it has been reported that some vendors have resorted to using buckets for their waste which in turn could be driving customers away.

On the side of customers, they claim that the market has little to no variety as far as goods are concerned and so opt for other markets.