Organised Crime On The Rise In Jinja


Reports in jinja suggest that organised crime is on the rise in the district as three murder cases were reported last Friday alone. The first was in Walukuba where a man was found hacked to death, second in Mpumudde and a third in Njeru municipality where a 21 yr old student at St Peter’s S.S was also discovered murdered.

According to locals and the Deputy Police Commissioner Christopher Rukunde, organised crime has been on the rise due to the level of gang activity in the areas mentioned. A gang known as “BoysBoys” has been known to be active in those areas and have been accredited with rape, murder, vandalism as well as drug abuse. There is high unemployment among the youth in the district which seems to have fueled drug abuse in the area leading to an increase in the level of crime in the district.

Police have responded in kind as a joint operation between the police and the army was conducted in Njeru and Walukuba which led to numerous arrests but unfortunately some escapes as well. Due to the organisation of these criminals, they are harder to track and contain and more innovative measures should be taken in order to curb crime in the district.