Stanbic Bank National Schools Championships Launched


The 4th edition of the Stanbic Bank National Schools Championships was launched earlier today at Hotel Africana. The event is aimed at providing additional skills to the youth as our current education system has been accused of promoting cram-work and technical skills. The additional skills include business, life, financial and communication skills.

Five schools were in attendance at the launch but according to a source in the event, seventy two schools have been reached out to, approximately eight from each district. To get involved the competition, an advertisement was placed in the papers and schools had to apply and state why they want to get involved and their prospects. In the holidays a one week boot-camp will be scheduled with quizzes, entertainment and sales as the order of the day as well as education on business dealing with savings, development and business plans.

Visits will be made to the participating schools to see how the participants implement the skills gained from the event in their respective schools to determine winners. Prizes like laptops, phones and money will be awarded as well as a trip to South Africa to the overall winner and a solar system to the respective school.