FDC Decries police Harassment


Members of the FDC have expressed their concern over the police treatment on their leaders and continued disruption of their rallies despite filing the proper documentation.

The FDC are currently in the midst of a countrywide mobilization programme but have faced constant interruption from police. Party president Patrick Amuriat said their actions are in violation of their human rights as well as freedom of speech. According to the FDC, a 2 month programme was published and sent to police in line to the requirements of the 2013 Public Order Management Act and so feel the police is out of order in their actions.

Since the launch of the campaign almost all planned public gatherings have been blocked, both indoor and outdoor, venues have been sealed off and Radio stations have been switched off. Amuriat is however defiant and says the FDC will not take it lying down and continue with their activities.

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