Kidnapping Not An Isolated Incident


In the aftermath of the safe rescue of American tourist Kimberly Sue and her guide Jean Paul Mirenge, the word from most officials is that it was an isolated incident that will unlikely happen again.

The Woman MP of Kanungu Elizabeth Karungi begs to differ claiming the local people have been affected by numerous kidnappings for months and forced to pay large sums most do not have.

Mp Elizabeth Kanungu was at the NBS studio talking to our reporter Joseph Sabiiti to provide more details on the situation in the west. She started off by appreciating the government’s efforts in the recovery of Kimberly Sue and Jean Paul but claimed her people have been affected by kidnappings for months and accused the security forces of slow action. She claimed there have been more than 20 kidnappings in the region but reports of it haven’t garnered as much attention as she would have liked unlike in the recent case of the American.

She stated how the local people have had to sell off their live stock as the kidnappers usually charge in the regions of UgX9Million, something few could afford and if short the victims are killed. MP Karungi asked the government o set up mechanisms to ensure for safe rescue of the local people for reports of kidnapping as in the same case as the American.