Uganda Airlines Planes Delayed


The Uganda Airlines planes that were scheduled to have arrived on Monday have seemingly been delayed. This comes after the minister of Works and Transport Ntege Azuba petitioned parliament to pass a supplementary budget for their clearance. According to the minister, failure to pay the balance of UgX 280Bn on the 2 planes would make Uganda lose $29Million.

There have been raised concerns of breach of contract between the Uganda Government and the plane manufacturers of the CJR 900 bombardier planes with the Canadian company having not delivered due to supposed logistical issues.

The concerns are mainly shared by legislators such as James Waluswaka MP Elinyole West and Robert Centenary MP Kasese Municipality who talked with NBS. They mainly expressed disappointment in the fact that the contract may have been poorly negotiated only favoring the manufacturer with heavy costs to be incurred by Uganda on late payments and yet no penalty on the manufacturer’s side.

Sources close to NBS have however heard that the planes will arrive in the country by the 23rd of April 2019.