Disaster In Bundibugyo


Disaster recently struck the district of Bundibugyo with landslides destroying lively hoods in the area. Scores were left dead, hundreds stranded and a lot of property destroyed or submerged in water. In the calmer times of the day, residents can be seen trying to recover anything useful from the wreckage.

The Office of The Prime Minister through the Ministry of Disaster, Preparedness and Refugees has so far delivered around 500 bags of rice to be distributed among the affected civilians. Delivery of more relief aid will however be delayed due to the poor conditions the roads around the affected areas are.

Bundibugyo Woman MP Josephine Bebona Babugi is asking the Office of the Prime Minister to include the district in the relocation plan since the area suffers the same disaster every year with the heavy rains. Displaced people are now taking refuge in Churches and schools until can be safely relocated.


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