FDC Celebrates 15 Years Of Existence


Forum for Democratic Change made 15 years yesterday during a celebration at Namboole national stadium. The party members from across the country gathered to reflect on the party’s leading struggle.

The founder of the party Col kiiza Besigye, who has tried for party presidency four times without success has however boasted over the party’s involvement in opening up the political space in the multi-party dispensation.

Besigye says that through the 15 years of existence, the party not only has a national reach but has successfully exposed the weaknesses of the ruling National Resistance Movement.

“No party was allowed to sponsor candidates in 2001…they have been exposed for what they are, family rule is what they are” said Besigye.

Col Besigye alleged that even the little that the NRM pretend to do is due to the pressure that is caused by the FDC.  The Vice President of the People’s Power group, Erias Lukwago also went ahead to point fingers at those who have chosen to remain silent when they should be vocal.

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