Uganda Wildlife Authority Suffers Decline In Animal Species


Uganda Wildlife Authority has for years been a benchmark on the success of the tourism sector in Uganda with visitors from various countries visiting the country. Their efforts are however being hindered by the dwindling animal population in some game parks.

George Owoyesigyire, a community conservation officer with Uganda Wildlife Authority confirms the dwindling numbers could be a huge blow to the tourism sector.

“We did a census and found out that some selected species were more outside the park than inside the park. But because of the recent interventions of opening a park, we have tried to open up and the animals are being attracted back into the park where they are safe,” said Owoyesigyire.

The authority has now resorted to conventional ways of restocking the game parks such as translocation of animals with those outside the park becoming a target as part of the restocking exercise.

George Owoyesigyire says that the animals are captured and taken either back to the pack or to other areas to populate and boost the local populations and enhance the tourism attractions.

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