Betty Amongi Cited In Illegal Wetland Deal


Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Betty Amongi has been accused of using her office to apportion a wetland to a private company in Kampala.

The Gulu LC5, Ojara Martin Mapenduzi said that the idea was rejected very strongly because the Minister of Land could not just sit and give out land without understanding the condition of the land.

In a letter to the district authorities, Amongi claimed that the Land Commission had been notified and proceeded with her dealings.

The LC5 said that the wetland in contestation is an area that the Gulu authorities are determined to protect claiming that it is the green space of Gulu.

“That is going to be the beauty of Gulu city, the wetland has to be protected, it has to be made beautiful and we should not have any structure on that land”, said Martin Mapenduzi.

Program Director CEED Uganda, Bernad Loum said that no individual is above the law and for anybody who goes against it should be held accountable. He added that when anybody becomes hostile to the environment, it becomes hostile right back.

Bernard warned that any investment decision made on wetlands might harm the environment and therefore the district must be careful with the way they handle wetlands.