Energy Minister Calls For Power Distribution To Rural Areas


In 2019, Isimba dam in Kayunga district was commissioned to add 183 megawatts of hydroelectricity to the national grid.  However, though the hydroelectric power station is to boost Uganda’s capacity to 167 megawatts, the local residents in the area have not felt the impact of this development.

The Minister of Energy Mary Goretti Kitutu revealed that she has been told about dormant power resources that are not being utilised. She expressed that it is a big challenge to her ministerial office and pointed out that the matter will not be treated lightly.

She added that having direct access to electricity should have a direct impact on the number of households than wasting the money of taxpayers to generate electricity they do not consume.

“Everybody is following me, everybody wants to be connected, but those who have power, are they paying for it ?” asked Hon Goretti Kitutu.

The launched electronic database, a new information management system by the Rural Electrification Agency will help monitor areas that are connected to electricity. The Ministry also plans to use this new system to ease access to reliable data for research and planning.