Ibanda Residents Query Water Project


Following complaints of a stalled water project in Ibanda district, the Ministry of Water and Environment in the southwestern region has come out to address the issues concerning the delays of the project. The ministry says that funds have been secured and the works are ongoing.

The people of Ibanda expected the project to have been finalised by end of 2019, but it was stalled in April and resumed in December. The locals have now been forced to wait until 2021 as the operations regarding the project are expected to close then.

The project is meant to benefit the communities of Nyabuhikye and Kikyenkye and surrounding areas. These areas are going to be water strained until the water project is completed. This is because the water available is not enough for the people to utilize.

The Ministry of Water and Environment has, however, come out to assure the public that the process is to be quickened to compensate for the time that was lost.

The Minister of Water and Environment, Sam Cheptoris, also encouraged the local leaders to be involved in campaigning to the locals to avoid interferences with the project and avoid any further delays.

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