Uganda’s Horn Market Secures New Investors


On a small scale, Ugandans collect horns to make ornaments but the market could get bigger. Traders sort between the quality of the horns in the City Abbatoir but the monopoly in the sector has affected the trading. Ismael Kaddu, one of the horn traders said that some traders come as investors and end up taking the job of the local traders.

The Executive Director of Uganda Export Promotion Board, Elly Twineyo said that cow and horn products are on high demand. He says that they are ready for that as they have assisted three companies.

“Through our embassy in Europe, we are trying to matchmake them with SMEs to work on that and that is important,” said Twineyo.

Twineyo said that there is need to encourage the value added to discourage people who buy horns because there are people that buy them and take them away which takes away the jobs and the value-added benefits.

“We lose the money because when you add value you get more money out of it and that is why we want to encourage the Europeans who are interested to work closely with us so that they can take final products,” added Twineyo.

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