Parliament Invaders Charged


The two men belonging to the Red Top Brigade Movement who disrupted Parliament when they jumped from the gallery into the chambers have been arraigned before the KCCA Grade I Court. These have been charged with four counts relating to their acts.

The two, Senjako Dafara and Charles Mutasa Kafeero were brought to court on Friday and were charged with two counts of malicious damage with the state alleging that a clock was destroyed and breakage of glass as they jumped into the chambers. They were also charged with criminal trespass into the parliamentary chambers.

Appearing before grade 1 magistrate Fatuma Nabirye, through their lawyer Nathan Mpejje, the two sought for the dismissal of the charges by the state alleging that while in detention, they were tortured. Their lawyer argued that nobody should be tortured and therefore these particular charges be thrown away.

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