Ugandans In China Urged To Register With Consulate Of Uganda In China


The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa has appealed to all Ugandans living in China to register with the Consulate of Uganda in China such that they can be assisted. This comes after concerns had been raised over allegations of harassment and mistreatment of Ugandan nationals in China.

“There is no way you will get assistance unless you are registered and we know where you are staying, whether in a hotel or a residence. For you to be assisted, we need to know who you are and where you are,” said Sam Kutesa.

The Foreign Affairs minister said that the appeal is to all Ugandans to take up this opportunity as difficult as it is to register with the Consulate in Gwangju and the mission in Beijing so that they can access the facilities agreed upon with the government of China.

Minister Sam Kutesa added that the airports and borders have been closed. He said that there is no way that parents, friends, and families can bring their relatives from China even if they have money. The Minister then appealed that they remain where they are and be assisted until the situation normalizes.