80 University Students Stranded


Over 80 students at the Mountains of the Moon University in Fort Portal, Kabarole district are starving in their hostels due to lack of food. Some of these students say they didn’t have transport to take them back to their homes while others thought the lockdown was never going to stretch for several days.

Some of the hostels within which these students are stranded include Half London hostel and JB hostel. The students claim that they could not leave the University as the President had directed because they wanted to first finish their research considering that some of them were final year students.

Other students said that they did not expect the lockdown to stretch for more than a month. Some of these claim that they do not have money to return them back to their homes. They said that they come from far away districts like Kagadi, Hoima and Masindi and have got no way of getting back to their homes.

The District Taskforce Vice Chairperson of Kabarole, Festus Bandeba, who is also the Deputy RDC said that they intend to first understand what led these students to stay in the university and who allowed them to stay, including the total number of how many students they are before they can know how to help them.