FDC And People Power Unity Will Be Celebrated – Betty Nambooze


Mukono district Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze while speaking on the NBS Morning Breeze this morning, said that oppressed Ugandans will celebrate the unity between FDC and People Power Movement.

She said that people have been asking them to formally officiate the unity between the two parties stating that politics is a game of competition, but they do not have space in Uganda.

“We are having a united force to open up the space that has been closed off to us,” said Betty Nambooze.

Nambooze stated that president Museveni has decided to monopolize the problem they face to further entrench himself in power and stifle the opposition.

She added claiming that the President is going to use COVID-19 to deny Ugandans political campaign and declare himself the president.

“Our people are already united. What was lacking was a united force between the leaders. We are not only looking to change the president. We are looking to change the system of governance in Uganda,” said Betty Nambooze.