Postponing Elections Is Not For Electoral Commission – Justice Byabakama


The Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Uganda, Justice Simon Byabakama has cautioned against the idea of having many voters at once saying that this will not be allowed. He said that mass rallies will not be allowed as campaigns will be conducted mainly through media.

Justice Byabakama stated that the idea of postponing elections is not for the Electoral Commission to determine. He added that it has not occurred to them because it is not in their mandate to consider such an option adding that they are driven by Article 61.

“Candidates have been incurring their own costs for campaigning, the only difference we are seeing now is that owing to COVID-19 challenges, they have to use the available media space,” said Byabakama.

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Uganda said that they are going to engage the Media Council, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), and the Ministry of ICT to make sure the mode of media campaigning is actualized. He added that the law does not allow the commission to facilitate candidates to apply the media campaigns.

“COVID-19 has affected some electoral activities. When the government declared a countrywide lockdown, the Commission was already implementing some activities like display of the register.  UCC will advise on areas that do not pick or even have media signals. We do not want any candidate or supporter to feel left out due to this,” said Byabakama.