FDC Rejects Proposed Regulations To Govern Political Parties


The FDC has rejected the proposed regulations to govern political parties’ internal elections during the COVID-19 period.

The proposal calls on political parties to conduct virtual meetings and handpick flag bearers among other resolutions. They claim that this affects multiparty democracy.

“The FDC will not abide by these regulations because they are unlawful, they are unconstitutional. We don’t need regulations as a party,” said Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda.

FDC Spokesperson Ssemujju says that the proposed means through which government wants political parties to conduct their internal meetings in elections defeats all fundamental human rights provided for under the constitution.

“We have been informed that these regulations are solely to benefit the National Resistance Movement which recently manipulated their own constitutions to do away with secret ballot and proposed and adopted linking up behind candidates,” said Ssemujju.

Ssemujju said that the NRM is stuck because of the prevailing conditions in the country. He said that they now want to return to Electoral College and secret ballot which they selfishly removed from their constitution.

“We are advising NRM, please carry your own cross, don’t conscript us,” said Ssemujju.

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