Speaker Kadaga Calls Out to Government To Reopen Places Of Worship


The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has re-echoed her voice to government to urgently consider reopening places of worship. She argues that people need to get the opportunity of congregating and seeking God’s intervention in this challenging time.

Speaking after the Inter-denominational religious prayers to mark the beginning of the 5th session of the 10th Parliament, the Speaker said since evidence has indicated that COVID19 is here to stay, it’s time religious leaders are allowed to nurture people’s souls.

Ki­lak South County leg­is­la­tor, Hon. Gilbert Olanya said that it is very important for the Government to consider reopening churches. He said that having faith and praying is the best way of comforting individuals.

“Right now we are calling upon Government to consider opening churches and the mosque so that people get where to comfort themselves,” said Olanya.

Olanya said that currently there has been a rise in the number of gender violence cases in homes. He added that most of the women used to go to Pastors and the Priests to comfort themselves and explain their problems but they are currently all under lockdown at home.