NRM Primaries a projection of doom in 2021?


Robert Kirunda and the NRM Director of Communications Emmanuel Dombo, joined Simon Kaggwa Njala, the show host of Morning Breeze on NBS TV, to take stalk of the NRM Primaries and what it means for the 2021 general election.

Kirunda said that the NRM Primaries marred with electoral violence, intimidation, and voter bribery were not a surprise to him. He said the electoral violence that used to be NRM Vs. opposition is now within the NRM. And he insists it is a tip of the iceberg of the 2021 general election.

Kirunda expressed his disappointment towards the caliber of the people we elect, that Ugandans elect leaders not based on service delivery or ideology.

On why the NRM bigshots lost the elections, the lawyer said these people, after five or 10 years in their positions, they lose touch with the population.

He also said their participation in the age limit removal did not sit well with the population. Kirunda said there is also incumbency fatigue because these people, when elected, disappear and appear for three months to convince voters to vote for them again.

Robert Kirunda says that the leaders in Sembabule should talk it over and save the people from bloodshed because they have each other’s numbers.

Emmanuel Dombo, on the other hand, applauded the NRM party for a job well done, saying that the intimidation and violence don’t define the NRM Primaries. He blamed the chaos on man’s evil nature, and he said the law would deal with those isolated cases.

Dombo said the NRM Party Chairman’s decided to intervene in the electoral process by declaring that all NRM people vote irrespective of the party register was timely and saved the day.

Dombo disagreed with Kirunda when he said the 2021 elections will be more violent than the NRM Primaries. In his view, he said the national EC has a lot more capacity to deal with this and that they will use the NRM Primaries as a learning curve.