Prison Break in Moroto


Inmates overpowered prison warders at Singila prison in Moroto District and broke into the armoury and took off with 15 guns and ran towards Mt. Moroto. According to the Uganda Prisons spokesperson, Frank Baine, seven of these have since been re-arrested. Three were killed during the pursuit whereas seven have been re-arrested and returned to prison

After the prison break, a joint operation between the police and UPDF was deployed to find the escapees and consequently, there was an exchange of live bullets. In the exchange of the bullets between security and the escapees, one UPDF soldier was shot dead whereas three prisoners were also killed according to Frank Baine.

The development came only a day after the UPDF third Division Court Martial (DCM) in Moroto sentenced two Karamajong rustlers to nine years’ imprisonment each after being in illegal possession of two firearms.

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