Joseph Kabuleta on a Rough Road to 2021 Elections


Presidential hopeful Joseph Kabuleta while appearing on Morning Breeze this morning expressed concern over simplicity of the opposition strategy against the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni.

Kabuleta said the opposition will never win Museveni as long as they continue to be reactionary to his actions. He said the opposition shouldn’t aim at having a single candidate but rather ensure to have many candidates that will then reduce the percentages of the Museveni.

Kabuleta said the opposition make Museveni the centre of discussion yet the discussion should be on Uganda post-Museveni. He said some of them don’t have a manifesto which is very dangerous because when Museveni is gone, real work needs to be done to reshape Uganda’s economy.

Kabuleta is confident he will win the 2021 elections by 55%. He says h’s support is growing tremendously.