Wasswa Biriggwa steps down for Patrick Oboi Amuriat



Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Chairperson Amb. Wasswa Biriggwa has endorsed party president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat as the FDC flag bearer in the 2021 presidential race.
Biriggwa’s withdrawal leaves Amuriat unchallenged to lead FDC into the race for Uganda’s next president.

Biriggwa announced his candidature for the party’s presidential flag bearer after a long time FDC strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye declared he would not run for political office in the 2021 election.
However, today while speaking to delegates at the party offices in Najjanakumbi, Biriggwa said he was giving way for Patrick Amuriat to give “Museveni a run for his money.”

Biriggwa said the decision was invoked to unify the party under its slogan: “One Uganda, One People”.

An emotional Amiuriat broke down in tears before labelling Biriggwa the “real leader” of FDC
I at first did not trust Biriggwa when he joined FDC because I thought he would hand the party over to Museveni, I even de-campaigned him. However, I have come to learn that he is a very honest man and a real leader of this party,”
Until August 2020, Besigye was expected to lead FDC in the hunt for the top seat in the country. However, Dr. Besigye surprised many political observers by declining to run.

“I’m proud of being FDC I’m proud of being your leader I want to thank my family that has had to endure a lot of stress to ensure that I’m on the road to represent this party.” Patrick Oboi Amuriat in his remarks

“I would like to thank my political Godfather Dr. Kizza Besigye who has molded me from nowhere and let me grow through all these ranks of FDC” he further asserted