UPDF Soldiers that Beat Journalists Charged


The UPDF soldiers that beat up journalists yesterday have appeared before the Court Martial and have been charged. They include;

1.Capt Jessy Odwenyi
2.Cpl Nimusiima Justine
3.Pte Wasswa Peter
4.Pte Tsame Imran
5.Pte Kisakye Victoria
6.Pte Opiyo Isaac
7.L/cpl Zirimenya Kassim

Capt Odwenyi was sentenced to 90 days of detention in Makindye military barracks,

L/CPL Zirimenya Kassim was also charged with 60 days while Captain Nimusiima Justine was sentenced to severe reprimand and caution while Pte Kisakye Victoria and Pte Opiyo Isaac were sentenced to 62 and 60 days in the military prison respectively.