Arjun Mallik CEO Prudential on best practices HR survey



The purpose of the Prudential Best HR Practices Survey is to create an opportunity for employers to learn and share best employment practices which could help drive employee engagement, loyalty, retention and performance.

Why is the Survey relevant to your organization?

From conversations with employers across the country, it emerged that very few have the tools, time, and technical expertise to truly measure the health of their workforce.

A vast majority of employers truly want to support and create a thriving/enabling environment for their employees.

So for any organization looking to gain that knowledge about their team – that insight that will help us become better work communities, I would strongly urge participation in this survey, which is being offered for free.

Some of the thematic areas we are looking at in this survey are diversity and inclusion, flexible performance management, talent development, employee empowerment, wellness, collaboration and communication, employee rewards and recognition programs, quality of management practices, and innovation.

The insights obtained from this survey will be independently analyzed by PwC. This will help provide insights on critical issues that employers have to pay attention to as they manage their workforce. All responses by employees will be CONFIDENTIAL and only accessible to PwC.

Following the publication of the results of the survey, an awards gala will be held to recognize and appreciate the employers with best HR practices in any one of the ten (10) thematic areas as rated by their employees.

More importantly, every participating organisations will also receive a copy of the Prudential Best HR Practices Survey report at no cost to them providing insights into employee best practices in Uganda.


For more on the Survey, visit: HR Survey

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