Prudential Best HR Practices Survey


This week, the Prudential team joined Mildred Tuhaise on NBS Morning Breeze to talk about the Prudential Best HR Practices Survey, a human capital and talent management best practices survey that highlights key opportunities and recognizes organizations championing the best employment practices in Uganda.

The Survey is being done in partnership with PwC, Uganda Investment Authority, Human Capital International, Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), and the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE).


Zephania Dube COO Prudential

Gone are the days when we used to micro-manage employees. Now, we have to trust our employees, set for them objectives and let them achieve them through their ability and creativity. ~ Zephania Dube COO


Francis Kamulegeya partner PWC

Once you participate in the 2021 #PruBestHRPractices survey, you will be able to receive a report on how your employees feel or say about you as an employer. ~ Francis Kamulegeya

Employees will fill out the Survey to measure the point of view of employees, to assess whether it aligns with that of the organization or its departments; as well as create a culture of connection, collaboration, and trust in the workplace, while making sure employees feel inspired to perform at their best.

Prudential Best HR Practices survey 2021

Today’s work environment has evolved significantly, the digital era of remote working is a reality all employers have quickly adapted to.
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