Every day is Black Friday – Jumia Black Friday announcement


Jumia has announced the latest edition of the Jumia Black Friday campaign dubbed “Every day is Black Friday”.

The campaign will commence on November 5th to 30th in partnership with brands like Coca-Cola, Pernod Ricard, Nokia, Nile Breweries, Britannia, and a host of others.

Christmas is coming early for both the customers and vendors this November.

This year’s Black Friday will provide shoppers in all parts of Uganda with over 20,000 amazing deals and massive free delivery offers which will help consumers to save money.

This campaign is expected to help close the revenue gap created by the COVID-19 lockdown and the Facebook ban for most businesses in the country.


Paul Tesar Jumia Chief Commercial Officer

We’ve been running the Black Friday campaign now for eight years in Uganda. And the core concept remains the same every year.

We want to give exciting discounts on products that people really excited about during the Black Friday period.

So we’ve worked very hard over the last three months with 1000s of our partners that literally ranged from your local brands to the big international electronics brands, the likes of Samsung, Nokia, etc.

We have actually more than 20,000 products on discount this Black Friday, and they don’t only include electronics, of course

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