Recycling plastics for Urban farming is a great way to “Taasa Obutonde.”


“Taasa Obutonde,” our campaign aimed at highlighting every Ugandan’s role in plastic pollution our motherland faces, continues to attract various community-based partners.

Nateete Green Youth Organisation is a community-based organization seeking to preserve the natural environment to promote sustainability and resilience. Like us, they agree that there are a million and ten ways you can help save our environment. Nateete Green Youth Organisation chooses to save our environment by reusing plastics for urban farming, which they do by recycling plastics like basins, bottles, and ti]yres.

“It is such creative ways that will help us achieve the Uganda we want – a Uganda where plastic pollution and its dangers, and especially our role in destroying our environment, are fully appreciated. We are proud to associate with people and entities like Nateete Green Youth Organisation,” said Pamela Adongo, the Next Media Services Chief Marketing Officer, also Team Lead of the “Taasa Obutonde” campaign.

Making a decision not to accept single-use plastic contributes to the bigger picture. Better yet, you can carry reusable items that ultimately replace plastics like water bottles, containers, and woven bags.