Money doesn’t fight corruption – Col Edith Nakalema


As of yesterday, Dec 19th, 2021, we have been able to arraign over 340 people in the Anti-corruption court. All this has been done with the cooperation of the people. Gathering evidence needs cooperation from affected persons.

Another challenge is that several people do not want to appear in court as witnesses. Many cases have been thrown out of court because of a lack of witnesses.


Money doesn’t fight corruption. Perception and determination are what can help fight corruption. Each of us must make a deliberate decision to do away with corruption. I want to assure all fighters against corruption that I will take the lead. I will have your back. We shall not fear anyone.


Anne Muhairwe: The Inspectorate of Government has regional offices. You can direct and corruption-related issues there, and they will be handled.

Anne Muhairwe and Col. Edith Nakalema at the #StandAgainstCorruption #ActionAccounts  event

The lifestyle audit ensures that public officials’ lifestyle is synonymous with their known incomes. We ask the public to support this move and come and give us any information that would help – Anne Muhairwe

We successfully launched the Lifestyle Audit. The President didn’t tell us to go slow on the corrupt; he just guided us on how to go about the lifestyle audit.