Opposition Cause Drama to Win Sympathy Votes – Lawyer Kinobe


Appearing on The Morning Breeze show, Lawyer Simon Peter Kinobe has blamed the Kayunga electoral violence on opposition refusing to follow guidelines in a bid to be beaten and win sympathy votes.

There is a politician who has made it his trademark to appear beaten every time. Let’s stop dramatizing politics to arouse public sympathy,” Kinobe said.

Kinobe is of a view that opposition wants to paint a picture elections not being free and fair which is not the case.

If elections weren’t free and fair, we wouldn’t have any opposition in Parliament because the government would rig all the votes to ensure all their candidates win,” Kinobe said.

Political analyst and scholar, Mwambutsya Ndebesa retaliated saying that as long as the electoral process is not seen to be free and fair to everybody, there will always be violence.