Work or Leave, Minister Aceng Tells Intern Doctors


Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng has said government won’t negotiate with intern doctors, she says they should leave the hospital premises since they don’t want to work.

Internship is a training period, not work, they are free to take a decision not to train, it is up to them, when they don’t train they will delay their own registration. They are the ones who stand to lose, We don’t stand to lose anything. Those who are not willing to work, for sure let them leave our premises. You cannot just sit at somebody’s house doing nothing,” Minister Jane Ruth Aceng said.

Minister of Information and ICT appeared on Morning Breeze this morning and emphasised the Ministry of Health’s position saying, the government doesn’t have money in sacks where it just deeps hands and get, he says getting the money for intern doctors is a process that has already kicked off, therefore they either go back to work or leave the hospital premises.

The letter by the Ministry of Health stands. On Friday, all interns who don’t want to work will have to vacate our facilities. They haven’t been working for six weeks. Has the world stopped?” Baryomunsi.

The intern doctors have said they are not moving an inch since their appointing authority the PS hasn’t yet said anything, and besides, their demands are legitimate. They have expressed interest to sue the Ministry of Health.