All Fuel Trucks at Malaba Border Cleared


Uganda National Bureau of Standards has confirmed that it has cleared all fuel trucks and marked all fuel entering Uganda from Kenya at the Malaba border point.

This as economists warn that the fuel prices will remain high for some time since the damages that resulted from the border chaos cannot easily be fixed in a short time.

We are able to clear up to 15 tucks per hour, 150 trucks per day. That means testing the quality of the product and putting the marker labels to make sure that this product is not adulterated” David Livingstone Ebiru, Executive Director, UNBS

Economists have warned that despite the trucks being cleared, the fuel prices will still remain high due to the delays that have happened. Government has advised the general public to boycott fuel dealers who are charging higher than UGX.5000.

“I want to advise Ugandans to go to petrol stations that have not hiked the prices. Two companies have not hiked prices, go buy from those ones, these others will also follow because it is now not necessary for any company to hike the price above UGX. 5000,” Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja.