H.E President Museveni New Years address: The key updates


President Museveni end of year address:

2020 and 2021 have been years of trials and tribulations but also some victories. Some of the trials include the locusts, rising water levels, and the Coronavirus pandemic.

We cannot jubilate but we also can’t fail to see the small number of deaths on account of #COVID19. This small number was due to the tough measures we took early on. The tough measures were to buy time so that we find better solutions.



I think we have found some solutions to dealing with this virus. One of them is vaccinating all Ugandans above 18 years. We have so far administered 11.4 million doses. 3.8 million people have been vaccinated fully.

The language now is shots and jabs but what they mean is empiso. What we have in stock right now can vaccinate about 6.5 million people with double doses.

The scientists have recommended a booster dose for persons aged 50 and above who had already received that double dose. Mama and I are about to get our booster doses.

The bars and concerts will open 2 weeks after the reopening of schools.

Ugandan scientists and the community have discovered substances that seem to cure Corona and other viral sicknesses. I have interviewed many patients who said they recovered after using these substances.

We have asked Dr. Ogwang to undertake clinical trials of these substances. We shall know the results by May 2022.

The transport sector, which has been operating at 50%, will be opened fully but with the necessary SOPs like wearing masks.

The 1st Lady, Janet Museveni, and H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Statehouse Photo)

Cinema halls and sports events will open with SOPs. The relevant ministries will guide.


The curfew will be lifted for everybody after the performing arts resume. This is for everybody apart from the boda bodas. Bodas will continue following the curfew of 7 PM.

If we find that patients are filling up to 50% of the ICU beds, we shall have to revise some of these measures.


Although we are reopening the economy, be alerted that the omicron variant is spreading very fast. Previously, we had days when there were no reported Corona deaths, but we have started seeing them recently.

Be responsible for your life.

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