Kakwenza Flees


The government says Kakwenza will still face the law upon return even as court awaits his due date to pronounce itself on the next move.

Him escaping and running away, well, when he comes back, he will still have to face the law because the records in government indicates that he is a suspect before the courts of law and that shall not be erased for now,” Minister Chris Baryomunsi.

Inspite of this, the big question is how he left the country while his passport is still deposited in court?

What if he did it with the help of somebody in security” People use their own methods,” NRM’s Emmanuel Dombo.

Minister Chris Baryomunsi said he could have used porous borders.

You know our borders are porous, you can pass through the official entry and exit points but also you can pass through the panyas

Kakwenza’s lawyer, Eron KIiza on how he fled and why he fled.

Kakwenza said he left the way Museveni fled in the past. He is a torture victim in fear of his life, once he is through with his medication, we shall see him back. He is not fleeing from the case, he is fleeing to restore his health.

Baryomunsi said by Kakwenza going abroad, he is not respecting court’s decision.

The magistrate was saying, there is no proof that he requires a referral. A medical doctor refer you, you don’t just refer yourself .

It’s alleged that novelist Kakwenza flee through Rwanda with Europe as the intended final destination

At the judiciary they are still waiting him to appear on the scheduled date and it is only when he fails that they will decide on the next plan of action.

We have seen in papers and social media, we are waiting to get formal communication. We expect him in court, if he doesn’t show the judge will decide next,” Judiciary spokesperson Jameson Karemani.