State House Health Monitoring Unit Criticized over Dr. Baterana Arrest


The State House Health Monitoring Unit was established in August 2009 by the President as a Medicines and Health Services Delivery Unit in response to the persistent public outcry on the poor medicines and health services delivery in the country.

The body is mandated to monitor service delivery and management of medicines and health services under the health sector in the entire country.

 It’s one of the offices we needed,” Lawyer Moses Mulumba

Legal brains argue that in execution of its duties the health monitoring unit has grossly erred and violated pretrial rights like the case is with Dr. Byarugaba Baterana the Mulago Executive director who was arrested on Tuesday.

The overzealousness with which they work, presumption of innocence,” Moses Mulumba

The Uganda Medical association says the manner of arrest was humiliating to the profession. Dr Luswata has also spoken tough on the interdiction of the hospital director, which he says is a denial of justice.