The Verdict is Final – Thomas Tayebwa on Deputy Speaker Race


Former Government Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa has pledged to work in unity as he joins bench if elected to fill the position of Deputy Speaker of Parliament today. Tayebwa resigned from his position as the government Chief Whip following his endorsement as NRM flag bearer for the Deputy Speakership position as the law stipulates.

I carry the coherence we had built from the position of Chief Whip directly to the bench” Tayebwa.

Thomas Tayebwa is positive that he will take the day in the race.

The verdict is final, where would you base to challenge it? Okot is my brother, today I pity him. We knew each other right from campus. He is also another young man, after here we shall hug and we share. I’m extremely sure that after the voting of today, he will be supporting me.
Here we re conducting national business, there shouldn’t be that feeling of I won or lost, it is national business and we will work together,” Tayebwa.

Tayebwa explains what his tenure as the Deputy Speaker would be like.

The agenda is to continue doing the good work that the team has been doing, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. I want to continue with ensuring that we keep time. It is a big challenge that MPs ambush ministers with matters of national importance. I will be encouraging colleagues to reach out to me early so that I get their issues, share them with the ministers, so that they are able to check with the technical people and give a quality answer
It is not about roasting someone on the floor, it is about response.

Thomas Tayebwa had this sit down interview with Canary Mugume at the Kololo Independence grounds where the election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker is taking place.