We are alive to the fact that he is a trapped man – Mathias Mpuuga on Zaake

Our member shall be supported all through. He has a right to seek alternative justice. As opposition, we are duty-bound to our member. We shall be by his side as he seeks justice.
Mathias Mpuuga We are alive to the fact that he is a trapped man. When a colleague is trapped, you give him time.
With time, we shall establish whether he has found his way. – Hon. on Hon. Ojara Mapenduzi who moved the motion to censure Zaake Francis
We are alive to the avenues to which we can restore sanity to the mob justice that happened yesterdayMathias Mpuuga
We have not yet discussed on how to forward a name. We have said we will stand by our member, Francis Zaake as he seeks justice.
He (Hon. Mapenduzi) is leading a commission of local government with a lot of work. I am yet to get a report from his committee.
We are giving him time to disentangle so that he can deliver on his work.
Being in opposition is not by assumption but by action. Some of the members will crack, but we desire to keep everyone.
Our member did not commit an offence. I would like the media to take interest in the alternative report that we made.