Women Empowerment Deliberate Effort – Museveni


In his Women’s Day Speech at Kololo, President Museveni reveals that the government is deliberate on women empowerment.

We decided to set aside certain seats in Parliament for women. We said that each district should have one seat specifically for women. If we were to depend on constituency members of parliament, we would be having 26 women out of 400+ members of parliament. But because of the knowledge of our society, we considered the Woman MP idea,” President Museveni.

President Museveni also praised the government’s health programs which he says has led to huge population of the youth.

The youth did not come from heaven, they came from a program, If there is any youth who doesn’t consider himself part of NRM has a problem with his head,” President Museveni.

President Museveni says the Parish Development Model money will also increase in the next financial year.

We sent only UGX 17 Million per parish for the Parish Development Model. In the next financial year, we will send UGX 100 Million per parish,” President Museveni.