Through their Lawyers of Wameli and Company Advocates, representatives of Boda Boda riders have dragged Government to court. They accuse the Government of sidelining them from their main source of income.

The group demands that court squash the presidential directive against Boda Bodas that prevents them from carrying passengers. They argue that while other public transport means have been allowed back on the road, they have been left out of business.

“Their concerns and grievances are that the presidential directives in the fight against COVID-19, are discriminatory, because other motorists, private owners and public transport, buses, mini-buses and private cars have been allowed to operate with passengers whereas Boda Boda riders have been allowed to only carry cargo,” said Anthony Wameli.

Wameli added that the Boda Boda riders say that they have been stopped from carrying people and yet that is their main source of customers and source of income. He said that the riders loose income and are unable to support themselves and their families, and yet some of them have loans upon their Boda Bodas.