Samson Kasumba

News Reporter and Anchor

Samson Kasumba-Mulunda is a Senior News Anchor with seven years of experience in the media working alongside a team of 400 at Next Media a leading private Media house in Uganda.


Samson is a News Anchor on NBS Television and host prime time news, #NBSLiveAt9

Samson is a professionally trained Biblical Theologian who has taught Biblical Theology and has worked at the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda. Samson is moved to make ethics a means of reaching a new Uganda and helping young people to think critically about the ramifications of their actions as they strive to reach their God given potential. Samson is Family Man married for 19 years with three very beautiful girls. In his free time he engages in sports, exercise and mentoring young people. Samson who has been a beneficiary of so much generosity believes in giving back to keep the chain going.

When he dies it is his desire that his epitaph reads: Here lies a man who tried to leave all his God given talent on earth trying to help others live a full life.