Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi: I want to be buried in white. All people must be in white or else I will jump out of the coffin and attack them. #NBSPeopleAndPower #RestInPeace
It is a taboo for an African man to count children, Prof Lawrence Mukiibi told Mable Twegumye
Tumwiine: When we captured power, we were not many. We were scattered to deal with insurgency and turmoil in Uganda. When there are a lot of people in power, it causes laxity, laziness and complacency.
It was a challenge when I became the 1st Vet at Wildlife & I had no one to learn from
I did not touch, see the many. I was persecuted for jumping the cue
Prophet Elvis: I have seen Jesus & walked to Heaven, what most people don't realize is they too can
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Drashna Kotecha (Dir. Midland Group of Companies; Rainbow international Sch, MIDCOM, Pearl Dairies)
With a supportive system in place, the 10th Parliament has the opportunity to deliver above the past legislative regimes. Unfortunately, the house has found its self short on expectation due to individual liability. According to Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere, ignorance of some members is stalling constructive debate. The veteran politician...
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