Grooming tips for the heat wave in Uganda

It is no secret that the sun lately is doing the most and the temperatures everywhere are through the roof. Everyone is sweating and everywhere is sweating, literally.
In the neighbourhood, South Sudan has taken serious measures, shutting down schools to dodge the worst of this scorching heatwave. In Uganda, we are still grappling with the heat though it has not reached the extent of closing down schools yet.
With the heat levels reaching record numbers, it is prudent to take measures and guard thyself against the scorching heat and here are a few to keep up your sleeves.
For this ‘season’ say goodbye to any outfits darker than a moonless night, that means the blacks, navy blues, greys, browns and every dark colour therein. Dark-coloured clothes tend to be heat magnets. Opt for lighter shades – think whites, pinks, and sky blues – to keep cool like a cucumber.
Cotton is King: When it comes to material, cotton is the most appropriate fabric in this scorching heat. Unlike the fancy non-absorbent fabrics that turn into makeshift sweat patches, cotton lets your skin breathe easily and is absorbent and also a poor conductor of heat.
You might want to also keep your undergarments breezy and comfy because nobody wants to deal with swampy situations down there. Stick to cotton undies for maximum comfort and minimal funk.
Hair, Keep it short and tidy. For the gents that might be easier to pull off as compared to the ladies. Ladies, yesss… a girl has got to rock her hair however in this heat, you might want to consider first holding up your hair into a ban, keeping the style light and manageable because you don’t want sweat to mix in your long braids, weave or wig. It can be quite a mess.
Happy Feet: Comfort is always key. While the sun is so high above in the sky, you might want to avoid very tight shoes to avoid blisters and discomfort. If you can swing it, wear sandals, by all means, for those who can’t, make sure you are wearing comfortable and well-fitting shoes.
Arm yourself with a trusted deodorant that’s got your back for 48 hours, a refreshing body splash to spritz away the sweat, a dusting of powder for those emergency touch-ups, and don’t forget to keep those lips hydrated with a slick of lip gloss.
Lastly, Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: It is a no-brainer however it ought to be remphasized. Drink water like it’s going out of style. Hydration is your best defence in this baking heat, so keep that H2O flowing. Go out the world and conquer the heat wave like a pro!