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Police officers well positioned at Parliament ahead of after noon session of #AgeLimitBill.
"I congratulate the speaker for being firm amidst the provocation. So far she has really acted well in the morning session.I think it's suspicious to disrupt parliament, it's very unethical, how do you plan to come and disrupt parliament affairs? I actually don't blame all opposition MPs because the...
It is very embarrassing that the third highest ranking person is acting in ignorance of the law, it is absurd.
Hon. Muhammad Nsereko: "Explicit bias in the house creates doubts in the house and in the people. Listen to us and all our points we are putting across, let's raise our views till we feel we've done our job..."
Deployed police officers left jobless as suspended MPs decide to respect Speaker's decision to suspend them from parliament.
"We shall book them(those for the amendment) a place of shame in the history of Uganda. These suspensions are intended to reduce our numbers as opposition."
You can't suspend members after suspending the house. Kadaga is a woman of ability but why is she behaving in such a manner? Because she is a captive.
I was struggling to keep calm because there is a move to demonize us (the opposition)...
Iam not going to respect Kadaga, I will come back for the next session.
The speaker suspended us after adjourning the house. Don't rule out the fact that we can force ourselves back.
I find the ruling of the speaker weird, she adjourned the house and then suspended us.
The speaker is interpreting rules like she never went to nursery school.
Hon. Gerald Karuhanga speaks out on receiving news of his suspension from parliament.
Hon. Nankabirwa Earlier: There are people who will make a brief show because that is what their electorates want. The situation will normalize and the report will be read.
The government side us nothing to debate, there is no justification for amending the constitution..
RPF discusses 'Place of Rwanda in the World'
Dr. Ekwaro Obuku (Uganda Medical Association President) is briefing press on the doctors' strike which is scheduled to resume tomorrow.