Get-Rich-Quick Syndrome Killing Uganda-Kasaija


The uncontrolled quest for pleasure, wealth and power are pushing many especially in civil service and majority Ugandans into harmful pursuits that could ruin their future.
Finance Minister Matia decries the rife in fraudulent transactions, sport betting and human trafficking, among others, all in the name of getting rich quick. Some Government workers in different ministries and institutions are being viewed with suspicion by members of the public.
Speaking during the fundraising for the consecration of new Bunyoro Kitara Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara, Finance Matia Kasaija warned government officials against stealing government funds and rather develop a saving culture.
A number of people are amassing quite a huge amount of money that is meant for the infrastructure development. It is here that he challenged the Bayoro to stop feeling inferior and advised the youth not to shun marriage.
Outgoing Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Nathan Kyamanywa said that leadership is all about serving people diligently. Bishop Kyamanywa is to be replaced by Bishop Reverend Canon Samuel Kahuma Abwooli.