State of Kiruddu Hospital


For a while now residents around Kiruddu hospital have been complaining about the waste management in the area. The hospital has been accused of negligence for letting the septic tank over flow, which in turn flows into the streets when it floods resulting into bad odor affecting the homesteads and businesses in the area. It should also be noted that earlier this week Hon. Ssewanyana Allan MP for Makindye West was arrested for staging a demonstration about the situation.
NBS’ Vicky Bagaya was at the Ministry of Health to discuss the situation with the Public Relations Officer Emmanuel Ainebyoona who refuted the claims of a crisis. Mr Ainebyoona claimed there is a truck that empties the tank everyday and was adamant the hospital was in a good state and yet press was denied permission to showcase the interior. He also claimed that there are currently plans to develop a waste treatment plant and will be done by the end of the year as soon as they secure their land.